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Spiral Roller Brushes


# up to 650 mms outer diameter and 5000 mms face width

# in dual strip version with round -hollow-back-profile or perforated single strip

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polishing brushes:

for white polishing hardened steel strip

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matting brushes:

for roughening non-ferrous metal-, aluminium-, V2A or steel stripes

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picking and washing brushes:

with PPN and Nylon in different qualities and diameters

with natural fibre: Mexico-Fibre, Sisal

with mixtures: Fibre / Bronze / New Silver wire/ brass wire,…

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cleaning brushes:

with steel wire for intensive brush-work like derusting, descaling, buffing,…

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finishing brushes:

for the surface-finishing of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, wood, … with abrasive fill materials (with Aluminiumoxyd- or Siliciumcarbid enrichment)